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Lucid Recall Demos

Useful information:

Product Demonstration versions

A demonstration version of Lucid Recall can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.
This is the stand alone version of the software with some functionality disabled. It can be upgraded to a full version of Lucid Recall simply by purchasing a licence from us.

If you would like to try the demonstration version for network installs please contact us

Lucid Research Demo Licence


Click here to download Lucid Recall demonstration version(stand alone version)

Video demonstrations

Below are a selection of videos showing Lucid Ability in action. Simply scroll down and click on a video to play it.
Please note all videos except for 'Reports' require your computers sound switched on.

Please note that the sound quality on the demos may be inferior to the actual software

Counting Recall

Word recognition

Pattern Recall

Reports screen

Click and hold to drag