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Lucid CoPS demos

Useful information:

Interactive assessment demos

These demos are recreations of elements from the program and therefore some of the interactivity may differ slightly from the actual program.

Assesses visual sequential memory based on temporal and spatial position.
Assessment of phonological awareness, involving detection of rhyme
Assesses visual sequential memory using temporal position and colour
Toy box
Assesses visual associative memory, based on either a shape-colour association
Zoid's letters
Assessent of visual sequential memory based on symbol sequence

Video demonstrations

Below are a selection of videos showing Lucid CoPS in action. Simply scroll down and click on a video to play it.
Please note all videos except for 'Reports' require your computers sound switched on.

Please note that the sound quality on the demos may be inferior to the actual software

Phonological Awareness Assessment

Zoids friends

Visual memory assessment

Phoneme Discrimination Assessment

Verbal memory assessment

Zoids letters

Viewing reports

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