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Checklist before you buy or use SPOT Your Potential

It is important that you read this before you proceed to purchase or use SPOT Your Potential:

Suitable for ages 15 years upwards

The SPOT-Your-Potential test has been designed for ages 15 years upwards. It has not been evaluated with persons younger than 15 years old. Therefore we do not recommend the use of this test by persons under 15 years old since the accuracy or appropriateness of results cannot be guaranteed.

IMPORTANT - Can you see the SPOT Your Potential preview below?

If you cannot see the preview movie, you will need to install Microsoft Silverlight by clicking the 'Install Microsoft Silverlight' button which will be shown instead.

About your computer

SPOT Your Potential plays sound files as well movies so you need to ensure that you can hear the spoken instructions adequately.

As of September 2015, Google Chrome versions 42 and higher do not support Silverlight. For more information see and

Silverlight is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh based computers. The following list details which browsers can be used with which operating system:

Windows 8.1 (DESKTOP MODE ONLY):

Internet Explorer 11
Chrome version 12 up to version 41


Internet Explorer 10
Firefox 12 or higher
Chrome version 12 up to version 41

Windows 7 SP1:

Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Firefox 12 or higher
Chrome version 12 up to version 41

Windows 7:

Internet Explorer 8 and 9
Firefox 12 or higher
Chrome version 12 up to version 41

Windows Vista SP2:

Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9
Firefox 12 or higher
Chrome version 12 up to version 41

Macintosh OS Leopard and higher:

Firefox 12 or higher
Safari 4 or higher

Your surroundings

SPOT Your Potential is a serious assessment task which requires you to concentrate during each activity. There are spoken instructions so if there are any potential distractions or noises it is recommended that you use headphones which are plugged into your computer.

More about SPOT Your Potential

There are five activities in SPOT Your Potential and some of these are timed so you may not have time to finish all of the individual tasks that will be presented to you. Don't worry if this happens as it is a designed feature of the test.

Terms of Use

You must read and agree to the Terms of Use before your purchase or use Spot-Your-Potential. You may click here to see the Terms of Use.

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